by Nude Art

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recorded + engineered by Phillip Alexander and Devin Z Brooks
mixed / mastered by Chucky Ray Miller
artwork by Michael Uckotter
all words / music / shreds by Nude Art


released February 25, 2014

thank you



all rights reserved


Nude Art Columbus, Ohio

we do all that woop woop
sam, erich, sam, leo

(((((((((( R.I.P. ))))))))))))
((((( 2012 - 2015 )))))))

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Track Name: Petty Shit
break it down like it never was
at the dawn of never can
see yrself in a different light
or a light that hasn't run
i've got no sympathy for people who don't know just
how to fizzle out
there's no more left in the race for whatever and
that's why i'm a cloud

send you back to the house of
understanding and caring about
the way that it looks from another's point of view
never had eyes and i'm over it
on some petty shit
better step to the right and take care of it
there's a stank in here and it's you

or i'll just stand and make a scene
it's happening now it was in my dream
of a house with no door and some drinks on the floor (yeeeaahhh)
i'm in bed with a
killer plan that's a way to figure it down
i'm in bed with a
killer plan that's a way to send me to bow

and i know that you heard about
the stream of things in doubt
but it's not that easy to ever
see what you wanna see

sad to say that i'm leaving a mess behind
leaving a mess of things

and i know that you heard about the
ever-changing snout
it smells what it wants to smell
Track Name: Through the Fence
they hadn't asked us how we hid our hands
for all they know they weren't even ours
everything sat there with out a signature cause
when shit turns sour we aren't gonna be there

deep in mourning for the motion we never had
see me swooning blaming martyrs for their honest work
there's a skill involved in making your life not so bad
takes every time to point and just sucks but i'm not mad

i was 22 when they finally came for me
they crept in through the window while we slept
might as well have walked there for all the good it did
not a crumb of dirt here and i'm thrilled

i was walking on my way to making something
if my timing is right i'll pass
it's hard to reference to the past and present future
gets so old who can stand that mess

you don't have the expectation of me
that others take for granted

oh these destructive hands i wear
you care
Track Name: The Only Thing I Ever Thought About
Track Name: Eavesdripping
mystery in 3D, wasn't it a good time?
half of you is easy and the other half is alright
and it's a real fine line you draw between 7, 8, and 9
disagrees with my love of your sexual decline

navy navy navy shades they look amazing with the daggers in your smile
little little chooser you're bound to be a loser if you place bets over wine
yeah the memory has stuck
and i'm sorry for the change of pace
but you're eavesdropping on my luck
c'mon susie tell me what's the ruling

it's bound to suck

mystery in 3D, wasn't it a good time?
half of you is easy, the other half divides your thighs
and it's a real fine time to be savouring your crime
makes me a part of your intimate incline

throw apart your dreams of the grave
golden idol gets better with age
set in motion your dreams of the grave
golden idol gets better with age

you were hoping you'd get stuck with the rest of them but
you'll forget about it when you get home
Track Name: Waste
settle down into a ditch
always talking and they will
complain about me
but i can't work it out
i am becoming your favorite route
having time to say you're through
i'm stagnant

settle down on top of a bridge
here them talk about what's
in vain about me
and i will never find
its common knowledge
needing rhymes to change the room
i'm pursed